Original Tempe Curry
Doctor Tempeh was set up as a Fair Trade program to help marginalised farmers in Indonesia due to lack of government investment, with the incentives to stay in rural areas and grow food, rather than migate and leave their communities. It also assists with the  promotion of native varieties of crops such as soybeans where cheap US subsidised beans have flooded the market and driven down farmer's income. This tempeh is made from strictly supervised non-GM native soybeans only
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Tempeh Curry is available from:


Most good independent Health Food Stores or ask them to order from:

Wholesale Distributors:

1. The Health Store Wholesale Ltd
(Product Code 564310)
Unit 10, Blenheim Park Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0115 9767 200
2. Marigold (product code Tempeh Curry 4876)
Telephone: 020 73884515 email:


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